Captain Mike Holliday

East, Treasure Coast Region


Fish Tales

I’m Mike “Hollywood” Holliday, and have been in Florida all but six years of my life. I live in Stuart and work the waters from Jupiter to Vero Beach. I launched my charter business, Fish Tales, in 1988.

I’m fortunate to have inshore and offshore fishing close by. Clients love to chase dolphin or sailfish for a couple hours, stop on the wrecks and fish permit and cobia, and then catch a tarpon or snook at day’s end.

I feel most in tune with nature when I’m on the water and consider myself lucky to make a living doing what I love. Other than that, I’m just like everyone else, only with a few more gills and a saltwater paycheck.

Favorite Place, Favorite Species

There’s something inherently special about the Bahamas. I don’t know if it’s the gin-clear water or the potential for something big or special to swim by any minute. Picking a favorite species is tougher. I LOVE catching snook and permit, and I REALLY LOVE catching tarpon. The strike is so memorable. Whether it’s a full-on lunch of the lure or bait, a soft gulp with a turn, a “pfft” of a slurp or an earth-shattering ka-boom, it’s always exciting!

Family Ties

I have two daughters and a son––and not one of them loves fishing. They’ll go, but they just don’t have that passion. They’re incredibly smart, talented and polite, and are always looking out for me. When I’m not fishing, I do whatever they’re into. We might take in a Miami Hurricanes game, skateboard down a sidewalk or ride bikes.

I’m not sure how, but I also found time to write two books: Sportsman’s Best: Inshore Fishing and Secrets for Catching Seatrout.

Thanks a Million…

…to Maverick Boat Company, Yamaha Marine, Minn Kota, Humminbird, Quantum, Bass Assassin, Stren, Costa Del Mar Sunglasses, Navionics, Lindsay Marine, Engle Coolers, Hookup Lures and Hides Sunglass Holders for sponsoring me all these years.

…to CCA for all it does to conserve and preserve the natural resources we fishermen rely on. I’m proud to be a Life Member.

…to Rick Murphy for having me on several Sportsman’s Adventures shows when I worked at Maverick Boat Company, and for asking me to cover the East Region for Florida Insider Fishing Report. Can’t believe we wrapped our 400th show in May 2019!

When people ask what’s it like working with Rick, I tell them: It’s like fishing with a smart Mickey Mouse. Rick is one of the most talented fishing guides I’ve ever been on the water with, but once he talks, it’s a full-on cartoon come to life.