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Grouper with Geoff Page

Episode 4 - Targeting Grouper in the Central West Region with Capt. Geoff Page

 Right now, the red grouper season is open in the Gulf of Mexico, but gag grouper season doesn’t open until July 1, 2013. Those are the two most targeted grouper species in my region.

In May, our red grouper bite is pretty strong as long as you get out in at least 70 to 90 feet of water.  A lot of the bigger fish come in 110 to 160 feet of water.

Targeting Permit in the East Region with Capt. Mike Holliday

September is not one of the top months for permit in my region, although we do catch a fair number of these fish. The best permit months in the East Region are from April through August, although we catch them year-round and do see a lot of the smaller fish mingling with the pompano schools in the winter months.

Canoe and Kayak Fishing In The West Central Region with Capt. Geoff Page

There are so many places you can launch a canoe or kayak and access great fishing in my region. Basically anywhere you can pull over next to the water is your next fishing spot. A lot of kayak anglers fish around the causeways in Tampa and do very well, but I really think they’re missing out on the true beauty of kayak and canoe fishing.

Targeting Sharks in the East Region with Capt. Mike Holliday

Sharks are one of the those species that you can catch inshore, offshore or from the beach in my region. The best stuff takes place fairly close to shore with blacktip, bull and the occasional great hammerhead shark, although if you’re looking for something exotic like a tiger shark or mako, then you really have to get out into the Gulf Stream to get that catch done.

Targeting Swordfish with Capt. Jimbo Thomas

You can target swordfish in Southeast Florida in the daytime or nighttime, both are very productive. I do more daytime swordfishing because I think the fish are larger and the bite more consistent, but a lot of guys do very well fishing at night.

In my area, we target the fish in 1,800 to 2,000 feet of water, with the fish feeding down close to the bottom in the daytime and up near the surface at night. Some of the guys who fish swordfish on a regular basis like to position their drifts so that their baits go over the humps, atolls and rises in the bottom.

Pier, Jetty and Surf Fishing in the West Central Region with Capt. Geoff Page

One of the nice things about fishing in Florida is that you don’t need to have a boat to catch some of the most popular gamefish in the world. All you have to do is get water access, and you’re in the game. For shorebound anglers, fishing piers, rock jetties and beaches are some of the most productive places to fish in my region.


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