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Targeting Piers, Jetties And Surf Fishing In The Central East Region With Capt. Jim Ross

September is my favorite month to fish the surf because that’s when we get the fall mullet run in my region. The mullet school up along the beaches and travel south down the coastline, pushing into the inlets in large rafts. It’s just this huge concentration of baitfish sometimes a mile long pushing down the beach, and when you have that, everything from sharks and tarpon, to big redfish, snook, bluefish, ladyfish and jacks will be on their tails. The finger mullet will show up early in the month, and then the larger fish will come through as we start to see some north winds.

Targeting Swordfish in the East Region With Capt. Mike Holliday

Episode--21 Targeting Swordfish in the East Region With Capt. Mike Holliday

 Late summer is a great time to target swordfish because of the consistency to the weather and seas, although the best fishing seems to be during the fall months. That doesn’t mean you can’t consistently catch swordfish out of the East Central Region. We have some great swordfish action from Vero Beach to Palm Beach, with the best stuff taking place on the southern end of the region where the deeper water is closer to shore and more condensed.

Kayak And Canoe Fishing In The Northwest Region With Capt. Jeff Hagaman

August is just a great time to go kayak or canoe fishing in my region because we get these big tides where all the water drops out of the bays, making it hard for boaters to access the fish. That doesn’t stop those anglers fishing out of a kayak or canoe, because they can pull across the shallow areas and get to those deeper holes and areas of the creeks where all the fish are concentrated.

Targeting Sharks In The Southwest Region With Capt. Ron Hueston

August is a great time to target sharks in the Southwest Region. You can catch these fish on wrecks, in the passes and around migrating schools of baitfish or gamefish. There’s also a good concentration of fish around the grass flats during the lower stages of the tides.

We have a good mixture of shark species in my region, everything from nurse sharks to blacktip sharks, bull sharks, hammerheads and even the occasional tiger shark. The blacktip, nurse and bull sharks are what we find inshore, while we get all those species offshore.

Targeting Blackfin Tuna In The Panhandle Region With Capt. Pat Dineen

August is a little early for the prime time blackfin tuna bite in my region, but you can still find a lot of these fish on the offshore rigs. Those offshore rigs are loaded up with blackfin tuna year-round, but most of those fish are small and the guys fishing the rigs are usually looking for the bigger yellowfin tuna.

Targeting Spanish and King Mackerel In The Central West Region With Capt. Geoff Page

Episode 17 - Targeting Spanish and King Mackerel In The Central West Region With Capt. Geoff Page


In the summer months we see more of our resident population of king and Spanish mackerel in my region. We have strong migratory populations of both species that push through our area in the spring and fall, but the summer fishery is typically all our resident fish, which may or may not be in schools.

Targeting Amberjacks In The Panhandle Region With Capt. Pat Dineen

The best time to target amberjacks in my region is during the winter and spring and all the way into early June, when the cooler water temperatures bring the fish in close to shore. That doesn’t mean amberjack fishing in July isn’t outstanding, you just have to go out a lot deeper to catch them.


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